Yuliya Miadzvetskaya's Visiting Fellowship
24 Oct 2022

Yuliya Miadzvetskaya's Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship Program

In September, Yuliya Miadzvetskaya joined us for a Visiting Fellowship at The Hague Program on International Cyber Security at Leiden University's The Hague Campus. We sat down with her to hear about her fellowship experience.

Why were you interested in coming here?

I was following publications of the Hague Program on International Cybersecurity for a number of years before coming here. I was always impressed by the quality of analysis developed in the Hague as well as by the topicality of the research produced. And I am really grateful for the opportunity to meet bright minds in the Hague and discuss everything cybersecurity and research related.

What did you work on during the fellowship?

During my fellowship I was working on the EU’s response to cyber threats as well as on the EU Cyber Diplomacy. I hope that I will be able to release this research soon as a policy brief. I was also working on one of my favorite topics - EU restrictive measures. Researching sanctions in response to cyber-attacks is a wonderful opportunity to converge my two main research tracks: cyber and sanctions. Last but not least, I really enjoyed a very encouraging and friendly work environment and discussions with supportive colleagues from the Program.

What's next for you?

I continue my research on EU cybersecurity law at the University of Tubingen. I am particularly interested to research how the EU private sector can shape the EU cybersecurity landscape and what legal implications this might have for the EU security law in general. I also continue my work on restrictive measures and their design. By the end of this year I would like to finalize a couple of publications on cybersecurity, data governance and restrictive measures. I am very grateful to the Hague Program for the opportunity to join this fantastic network of cybersecurity experts and hope that we will have other collaboration opportunities in the future.

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