Monica Kaminska and Dennis Broeders at European Cyber Agora
25 Apr 2023 / Brussels, Belgium

Monica Kaminska and Dennis Broeders at European Cyber Agora


On Tuesday 25 April, our researcher and Assistant Professor of International Security and Technology Monica Kaminska will participate in a workshop part of the European Cyber Agora in Brussels.

The workshop, entitled "Accountability, State Responsibility and Increasing Confrontation in Cyberspace", will explore the future of cyber deterrence and the role of the EU in fostering accountability and strengthening international cooperation. Other workshop speakers are Engelbert Theuermann, Ambassador, Special Envoy for Cyber Diplomacy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Austria, Kaja Ciglic, Senior Director for Digital Diplomacy, Microsoft and Stéphane Duguin, Chief Executive Officer, CyberPeace Institute, with moderation by Senior Fellow Dennis Broeders.

The European Cyber Agora is a two-day forum including high-level panel discussions with representatives of EU institutions, national governments, cybersecurity agencies, civil society, academia, and industry, as well as expert workshops led by the Agora community focusing on cyber diplomacy, emerging disruptive technologies, cybersecurity and space policy, and more.