Jack Kenny's Visiting Fellowship
21 Aug 2023

Jack Kenny's Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship Program

In June, Jack Kenny joined us for a Visiting Fellowship at The Hague Program on International Cyber Security at Leiden University's The Hague Campus. We sat down with him to hear about his fellowship experience.

Why were you interested in coming here?

Having had the opportunity to present a paper at the 2021 Hague Conference for Cyber Norms, I was familiar with the work and publications of the programme which I held in high regard. I find the research outputs particularly insightful as the programme is a leader in effectively bridging the divide between law, policy and computer science. I strongly believe that adopting a multidisciplinary methodology is imperative for fostering comprehension and clarity on how norms apply to cyberspace. The fellowship program has previously attracted a number of notable academics in my field that work on the application of international law to cyberspace.

What did you work on during the fellowship?

During my fellowship I had the opportunity to travel to Utrecht to present a chapter I authored in the edited volume Artificial Intelligence and International Conflict in Cyberspace on the use of advanced artificial intelligence techniques and the principle of non-intervention in the context of electoral interference. I was able to attend the 2023 Hague TIX Conference which featured many interesting and relevant presentations for my research. I also had the opportunity to discuss my research with staff on the program, including future research plans and ideas going forward such as an article examining the focus on cyber espionage and international law in policy and scholarship.

What's next for you?

Since completing my fellowship, I have returned to London where I am a Research Fellow in International Law at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL). I am currently working towards getting my doctoral thesis published as a monograph, and I have several publications forthcoming. I am also currently responsible for leading a course at BIICL, Cyber Operations and International Law, that takes place in the coming months.