Isabella Wilkinson's Visiting Fellowship
7 Dec 2023

Isabella Wilkinson's Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship Program

In November, Isabella Wilkinson joined us for a Visiting Fellowship at The Hague Program on International Cyber Security at Leiden University's The Hague Campus. We sat down with her to hear about her fellowship experience.

Why were you interested in coming here?

I have long admired The Hague Program’s cross-disciplinary and truly global approach to research on cyber norms, cyber governance, and emerging tech. The Program’s core group and wider network of researchers (based at Leiden and globally) is unparalleled in terms of the breadth and depth of expertise. I was excited when I saw the Program was looking for a visiting fellow as it presented a fantastic opportunity to learn from and actively contribute to this network as I developed research on an area with clear synergies with the Program’s focus (namely, on China and cyber governance).

What did you work on during the fellowship?

During the fellowship, I started to develop a report on how China advances proposals relating to dis-, ‘harmful’ or ‘false’ information in international cyber processes like the UN Open-ended Working Group and the UN Ad Hoc Committee. I benefited from conversations with, and input from, researchers associated with The Hague Program, the Leiden Asia Centre and Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs. Following undertaking a literature review and collecting and coding data, I also convened an informal workshop to collect feedback on my research approach and preliminary findings.

What’s next for you?

The visiting fellowship was an enriching experience from a research perspective, particularly as my work as a Research Associate at Chatham House focuses on the geopolitics of international cyber governance and emerging technologies. I was thrilled to broaden my networks and hope to contribute to further cross-pollination of ideas and research in the future. I also look forward to the publication of my policy paper and further work in this space.

Are you also interested to join our Visiting Fellowship Program? Applications for Spring 2024 have closed, but applications for a Fall 2024 stay are welcomed until 31 May 2024. Check out the Fellowships section for more information and the application process.