Photos and Conference Report | 2023 Conference on International Cyber Security
16 Nov 2023 / The Hague

Photos and Conference Report | 2023 Conference on International Cyber Security

2023 Conference

From 7-8 November 2023, we held our sixth annual conference, the second as The Hague Program on International Cyber Security on War and Peace: Conflict, Behaviour and Diplomacy in Cyberspace. We were joined by academics and other interested participants from across the world, for two days filled with three fantastic keynotes and 23 paper presentations during the parallel sessions.

The conference was opened with a short welcome by Dennis Broeders, Full Professor of Global Security and Technology and Senior Fellow of our Program at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, Leiden University. Ingvild Bode, Associate Professor at the Centre for War Studies, University of South Denmark, kicked off the day with her keynote on How practices make norms: Autonomous and AI technologies in weapon systems. During this first day, there were also panels on non-state actors in cyber conflict, cyber conflict and diplomatic negotiations, international law and cyber conflict, and making sense of cyber conflict through actors and disciplines. Emily Goldman, strategist at U.S. Cyber Command and a thought leader on cyber policy, closed the day with her keynote on Global Campaigning in Competition and Conflict.

The second day started with two parallel sessions, on regional perspectives on cyber conflict and digital dependencies and on analyzing cyber operations through motivations, means and methods. David Omand, Visiting Professor in War Studies, King’s College London, gave the last keynote of the conference, on The Role of Intelligence Agencies in (cyber) war and conflict. The day ended with two more parallel sessions, one on strategies and realities of cyber conflict, and one on the cyber dimensions of the war in Ukraine.

Finally, our best paper award this year was awarded during the closing of the conference by Dennis Broeders. This year, there were two excellent papers presented at the conference: Jing Su and Caice Jin on “Sino-European Norm Contestation in Cyberspace” and Julia Carver on “Developing Digital ‘Peripheries’ for Strategic Advantage: American, EU, and Chinese CCB Projects in Africa”. They all win a ticket, travel and accommodation to next year’s conference in November 2024.

Photo impression conference

Day 1
Day 1
Conference opening by Dennis Broeders
Parallel Sessions Day 1
Keynote Emily Goldman
Parallel Sessions Day 2
Parallel Sessions Day 2
Part of Leiden University's Cyber Security Governance Research Group
Keynote David Omand
Day 2
Parallel Sessions Day 2
Best paper award winner Julia Carver
Best paper award winners Jing Su and Caice Jin
Conference closing drinks