Lena Herbst's Visiting Fellowship
19 Apr 2023

Lena Herbst's Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship Program

In March, Lena Herbst joined us for a Visiting Fellowship at The Hague Program on International Cyber Security at Leiden University's The Hague Campus. We sat down with her to hear about her fellowship experience.

Why were you interested in coming here?

The Hague Program on International Cybersecurity caught my eye already in the early stages of starting my PhD due to its many interesting publications. Finding out more about the researchers involved in and affiliated with this program, I applied for a visiting fellowship to connect to shared research interests. Having been granted the opportunity to stay for three weeks, I clearly enjoyed my time at The Hague Program on International Cybersecurity.

What did you work on during the fellowship?

During my fellowship I worked on the theoretical framework of my dissertation. Thankful for the many opportunities to talk about my PhD project and plans, I received valuable feedback, was asked inspiring questions, and gained new insights. Further, I started conducting interviews, which will clearly enrich my analysis. I am very thankful for all the help I received from the team of The Hague Program on International Cybersecurity.

What's next for you?

Now that I am back at the TU Braunschweig, I will be finalizing my theoretical framework and dive into methodological questions. The fellowship in The Hague has very much enriched my experience as a PhD candidate and showed me how much more there is to explore. I am looking forward to meeting everyone from the team again soon.

Are you also interested to join our Visiting Fellowship Program? Applications for a Fall 2023 stay are welcomed until 31 May 2023. Check out the Fellowships section for more information and the application process.