Julia Voo's Visiting Fellowship
1 Jun 2022

Julia Voo's Visiting Fellowship

Visiting Fellowship Program

Last month, Julia Voo joined us for a Visiting Fellowship at The Hague Program on International Cyber Security at Leiden University's The Hague Campus. We sat down with her to hear about her fellowship experience.

Why were you interested in coming here?

I had been based in China and America for  9 years and on my return to the UK I was looking for an institution and community in Europe that would provide intellectual stimulation and a credible platform to continue my research. In my view, the Hague program is the only program in Europe that brings together such a diverse and brilliant group of cyber policy nerds that cover a broad range of cutting edge issues.

What did you work on during the fellowship?

The Fellowship coincided with two streams of work: 1) the finalisation of the Belfer National Cyber Power Index 2022 which is a team effort; and 2) my research on the geopolitics of shaping technical standards at the International Telecommunications Union. Through the Fellowship I was able to discuss both topics with a broad range of stakeholders ranging from academics, to internet providers, civil society and government, that I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet, to further my research. Conversations with colleagues at the Hague have also inspired me to explore other projects, which is always exciting!

What's next for you?

I will continue my technical standards research through an initiative at Stanford’s Freeman Spogli as well as my full-time role as Global Cybersecurity and Tech Policy lead at HP Inc. Cyber policy is a rapidly growing field and collaboration at the intersection of academia, industry and government is crucial for understanding and the field’s vitality and relevance. I am grateful to the Hague program for supporting me in that endeavour and I am hopeful that there will be opportunities for further collaboration in future.

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