Els De Busser speaking at Big Cyber Ideas Festival
26 Jun 2020 / Online

Els De Busser speaking at Big Cyber Ideas Festival


Els De Busser will be participating in a panel on Cooperation and Coordination in the Cyber Era during the Big Cyber Ideas Festival, together with Julia Voo, one of our incoming Visiting Fellows.

Former Visiting Fellow Przemysław Roguski is speaking during the session on The EU Cyber (Diplomacy) Toolbox: Glass Half Empty or Half Full? James Shires, Associate Fellow of our Program, is one of the organizers, together with Monica Kaminska, one of our other incoming Visiting Fellows.

The Big Cyber Ideas Festival is an online event taking place on June 26, 2020, with the purpose of exploring key questions for cyber security and digital policy in Europe. The festival consists of a series of sessions for practitioners, researchers, and the interested public, bringing together academic, government, and private sector experts together to catalyze a day-long set of wide-reaching conversations on key policy developments.

Visit their website for a complete overview of the agenda and speakers, and to register for sessions.