Will India Negotiate in Cyberspace?
17 Dec 2020

Will India Negotiate in Cyberspace?


From 10 to 12 November 2020, The Hague Program for Cyber Norms organized its third annual conference on cyber norms. Arindrajit Basu and Karthik Nachiappan are the winners of this year’s best paper award and introduce their winning paper in this blog post for the Leiden Security and Global Affairs blog.

Multilateral and multi-stakeholder initiatives attempting to foster responsible state behaviour in cyberspace remain fragmented with normative divisions between the ‘West’ and the ‘East’. Despite being regarded as a ‘digital decider’ in cyber norms debates, India has largely refrained from adopting any cohesive and committed stance, opting instead for a strategy of silence and ambiguity. This stance sharply contrasts India’s positions on related digital issues like cross-border data flows, where India has been vocal in actively positioning itself as a flagbearer for ‘data sovereignty.’

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