Threat intel and cyber research – a troubled relationship?
22 Jan 2021

Threat intel and cyber research – a troubled relationship?

Podcast #2

Pleased to present the second episode of our podcast in which we talk to researchers and practitioners in the field of cyber security about their recent work.

In this second episode, our host Monica Kaminska talks to Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade (Security Researcher & Adjunct Professor of Strategic Studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies), Florian Egloff (Senior Researcher in Cybersecurity at the Center for Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich) and Frédérick Douzet (Professor of Geopolitics at the French Institute of Geopolitics (University of Paris 8) and director of the Center Geopolitics of the Datasphere (GEODE)). They discuss the challenges of getting access to and using private sector research, the misalignment of incentives for sharing data and why universities might be well-positioned to do their own APT research. SolarWinds/ Sunburst thrown in for good measure.

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