The Demilitarisation of Cyber Conflict
4 Dec 2018

The Demilitarisation of Cyber Conflict

New journal article

Senior Fellow Dennis Broeders and Associate Fellow Sergei Boeke published a new article, "The Demilitarisation of Cyber Conflict", in the December 2018-January 2019 edition of Survival.

The debate about state behaviour in cyberspace may be set in the wrong legal key. Speculation over cyber war has moved beyond its initial poles of doomsday and dismissal. Some argued that ‘cybergeddon’ or a digital Pearl Harbor was looming, others that cyber war had never occurred and probably never would. The front line of the debate has since shifted to whether or not cyberspace has become militarised, if deterrence is possible in cyberspace, and, if the security dilemma applies, how it can be mitigated. In strategic studies, the debate focuses on...

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