Monica Kaminska Presenting at CyCon 2021
25-28 May 2021 / Online

Monica Kaminska Presenting at CyCon 2021


Monica Kaminska is presenting a paper co-authored with Dennis Broeders and Fabio Cristiano during the panel "IHL Principles in the Era of New Technologies – Boundaries Challenged" at CyCon 2021.

The title of the paper is "Limiting Viral Spread: Automated Cyber Operations and the Principles of Distinction and Discrimination in the Grey Zone" and will be presented on Day 2 (27 May) during a panel with Lt. Col. Anastasia Roberts and Dr Adrian Venables (presenting on "The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Kinetic Targeting from the Perspective of International Humanitarian Law"), moderated by Lt. Col. Massimiliano Signoretti of NATO CCDCOE.

James Shires, Associate Fellow at the program, will be presenting his paper "Windmills of the Mind: Higher-Order Forms of Disinformation in International Politics" on Day 1 (26 May).

More information on 13th International Conference on Cyber Conflict: Going Viral can be found on their website.