Lecture | Under Pressure: Jus in Bello Norms and Cyber Operations
4 Apr 2019 / The Hague

Lecture | Under Pressure: Jus in Bello Norms and Cyber Operations


On 4 April 2019, our Visiting Fellow Kubo Mačák will hold a lecture on modern cyber operations and the oldest branch of international law, the law of armed conflict.

Location: Leiden University, Campus Den Haag, Wijnhaven - room 3.60, Turfmarkt 99, The Hague
Time: 15:00-16:30
Registration: free, via email (

This lecture will discuss the challenges that modern cyber operations pose to the oldest branch of international law: the law of armed conflict (jus in bello). It will first respond to the view advanced by some States that jus in bello does not apply in cyberspace at all. Endorsing instead a pro-applicability approach, the lecture will then consider specific issues at the intersection of jus in bello and cyber operations that arise already in peacetime; at the threshold of an armed conflict; and while an armed conflict is underway. Building on ongoing research conducted in collaboration with practitioners and military operators, the lecture will propose specific solutions to those challenges. Overall, the lecture should offer an answer to the central question whether the tipping point has been reached at which the norms of jus in bello are breaking under the pressure of cyber conflict.

Registration is free. Please register beforehand by sending an email to info@thehaguecybernorms.nl