Digital Sovereignty: From Narrative to Policy?
18 Mar 2022

Digital Sovereignty: From Narrative to Policy?

Research Seminar

On Friday 18 March 2022, we co-organized the Research Seminar 'Digital Sovereignty: From Narrative to Policy?' with the EU Cyber Direct cyber diplomacy initiative.

The seminar gathered a small group of scholars and experts who looked at the recent discussions and narratives about EU digital sovereignty and strategic autonomy. In particular, they discussed what this means for the array of EU policies that will have to support a new strategically autonomous and geopolitical positioning of the union.

After introductory remarks by Dennis Broeders, the first session of the seminar tackled market and hybrid policies, while the second one addressed foreign policy restrictions on national markets and policy as well as the investment agenda.

The input provided by this seminar will be used to write final versions of the papers prepared by the speakers, to be published in an edited publication (projected publication in fall 2022).