Dennis Broeders Speaking at Jeju Forum
24-26 Jun 2021 / Korea

Dennis Broeders Speaking at Jeju Forum


Senior Fellow Dennis Broeders is speaking via remote participation at the Jeju Forum for Peace & Prosperity 2021 - Sustainable Peace, Inclusive Prosperity, which takes place from 24-26 June 2021 in Korea.

Dennis Broeders is speaking during the session on "Outcome and prospect of the Open-ended Working Group on developments in the field of information and telecommunications in the context of international security", together with speaker Eneken Tikk, panelists Yoo Joonkoo, Maizlishd David Michael, Chung Myung-Hyun and moderator Park Nohyoung.

Transnational cyber threats have become a grave challenge to national security across the globe. With the advances in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the ways of cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and diversified. So it is important to establish international norms on cybersecurity for sustainable peace that all UN member states need to comply with to develop a safer cyberspace. In this regard, as specified in the resolutions adopted in the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly in 2018, the GGE and the OEWG initiated by the US and Russia respectively have been established under the auspices of the UN. Thereafter, we have witnessed the conflict of opinions among member states that some say could be considered a new cold-war in the field of cyber security. Due to the conflict, the OEWG has had many struggles in the whole process to achieve a consensus. The Jeju Forum brings together experts not only from Korea but also from all over the world to infer views on cyber security and to discuss how the two aforementioned mechanisms can work together effectively and how member States can contribute to the progress of discussion on international cyber security norms.