25 Mar 2024, 16:00 - 17:00 (CET) / Online

When the Chips Are Down: A Deep Dive into a Global Crisis, with Pranay Kotasthane & Abhiram Manchi

Monthly Seminar Series

In our March seminar, Pranay Kotasthane and Abhiram Manchi will present their book When the Chips Are Down: A Deep Dive into a Global Crisis.

This seminar will be held online on Zoom. You can register here.

About the book

To the world at large, technology was synonymous with software. Within months, the subject of such conversations has changed dramatically. Today, the hardware that runs all software - semiconductors or chips - has become a subject of WhatsApp groups and international politics.

The chip shortage during COVID-19 made governments take notice of this complex supply chain. The US began denying advanced semiconductors to Chinese companies. Worsening China-Taiwan relations further intensified the debate. By 2022, China, the US, India, the EU, and Japan had released plans worth billions of dollars for setting up new semiconductor facilities.

This book is a comprehensive overview of this “meta-critical” technology. How are semiconductors important from a geopolitical perspective? Why did the US and Taiwan become powerhouses in this domain while Russia and India fell behind? Is China's semiconductor sector a threat to the world? What are the future trends to watch out for? These are the questions that this book answers.

About the authors

Pranay Kotasthane is Chairperson, High-Tech Geopolitics at the Takshashila Institution. Pranay teaches public policy, foreign policy and public finance. His research on semiconductor geopolitics has been featured in several Indian and global publications. Pranay is the co-author of Missing in Action: Why You Should Care about Public Policy and We, the Citizens. Pranay co-hosts the popular Hindi podcast Puliyabaazi. Before Takshashila, Pranay worked as a chip design engineer in two Fortune 500 semiconductor companies.

Abhiram Manchi is pursuing his MBA plus MS in Digital Technology at Boston University. He has worked in the semiconductor industry for nearly five years and was involved in developing methodologies and flow for chip designers worldwide. He has written on semiconductor geopolitics for the Times of India and Hindustan Times. He is an alumnus of the Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (GCPP) course of the Takshashila Institution.