30 Nov - 1 Dec 2021 / Online

Monica Kaminska at UNIDIR Workshop on Cyber-Nuclear Risk


Postdoctoral researcher Monica Kaminska spoke at a UNIDIR workshop on cyber-nuclear risk during a panel discussing the state of cyber affairs.

The workshop "Nuclear Risk Reduction Workshop: The Cyber-Nuclear Nexus" was organized by UNIDIR, University of Leicester and Yale-NUS College. This virtual dialogue involved experts and practitioners and is part of a UNIDIR research project on nuclear weapon risk reduction. Its objective was to explore further risk-of-nuclear weapon use pathways and potential escalation linked to entangled interaction between cyber operations and nuclear forces. It also seeks to explore policy options for reducing risks linked to these interactions, including but not limited to those presented in UNIDIR’s recently published report, The Cyber-Nuclear Nexus: Interactions and Risks.