Fan Yang

Visiting Associate Fellow (2023-2024)

Fan Yang is an Assistant Professor of International Law in Law School of Xiamen University

Dr. Fan Yang has a combined educational background of Communication Engineering(Bachelor) and Law (Juris Master, LL.M., and Ph. D in Law). Dr. Yang is now assistant professor of international law at Xiamen University, China; Initiator and Deputy Director of Cyberspace International Law Center, Xiamen University School of Law (XMU-CILC); Deputy Director of Xiamen University International Economic Law Institute; Research Fellow at Research Center for Global Cyberspace Governance, Advisory Committee for State Informatization, China. He has been serving as Executive Editor for Chinese Journal of International Economic Law since 2017. He is also on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Information Security and Communications Privacy.

Dr. Yang is mainly interested in interdisciplinary research of cyber-related international law. His publications generally focus on two fields: the making and application of international law in cyberspace, and data governance in China and from a comparative perspective. He is the leading expert for multiple research projects, with sponsorship from Chinese National Social Science Foundation, central agencies of Chinese government, provincial and municipal government organs, and industries.

Dr. Yang leads the XMU-CILC and offers consultancy to China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cyberspace Administration of China, in related to negotiations and consultations at different international fora, including the UN Ad Hoc Committee on countering cybercrime and the UN OEWG process. He is also actively involved in a series of Track 1.5 and Track 2 dialogues on international governance in cyberspace, including especially serving as the liaison and expert for Sino-EU Expert Working Group on the Application of International Law in Cyberspace. Since 2022, Dr. Yang has co-led a team of practitioners in providing legal service on data compliance per Chinese laws and regulations.


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