Save the date: 24 June 2024!

Call for talks

Hague TIX is currently accepting proposals for talks on cyber operations and their geopolitical and societal repercussions. The research should not have been presented elsewhere. Talks are 20 minutes long, followed by small group concurrent Q&A discussions. We are particularly interested in the following angles:

- Operations coordinated, conducted by, or linked to state actors
- Observed use of cyber operations during wartime
- Preparation for destructive or disruptive cyber operations
- The strategic use of information operations
- Operations with a geopolitical dimension that have received less attention than they deserve, especially in underreported regions.

The conference has an empirical focus and aims to bring together security researchers from academia, civil society, industry and government.

Please note that Hague TIX is a fully in-person conference with no recording or livestreaming. We cover registration costs, travel, and accommodation for speakers.

Please send your talk proposal to haguetix@thehagueprogram.nl by Sunday 7 April 2024.

2022 Edition

The 2022 The Hague Threat Intelligence Exchange (Hague TIX) took place on 20 June 2022 at the Tram Museum in The Hague, with keynotes by Hester Somsen and Inge Bryan, and a series of short talks by Daniel Moore, Saher Naumaan, Florian Egloff, Rhianna King, Jamie Collier, Hakan Tanriverdi, Winnona DeSombre, Alexander Martin, Eduardo Izycki, Ben Read, Sanaz Yashar, Juan Andrés Guerrero-Saade and an analyst from the Defence Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands (MIVD).