Winnona DeSombre

MPP/JD dual degree candidate, Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown Law

Winnona DeSombre

Winnona DeSombre is an MPP/JD dual degree candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School and Georgetown Law. She is a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council and a Harvard Belfer Center Young Leader. In recent years, Winnona coauthored the Harvard Belfer National Cyber Power Index, spoke at the Forbes 30 under 30 Summit, and presented original research on commodity malware at DEFCON.

Prior to Harvard, Winnona was a security engineer at Google’s Threat Analysis Group, tracking persistent cyber operations against Google users. Her current research interests include the proliferation of cyber capabilities and the nexus between cyber security and national security as it pertains to law and policy.

Talk: Privatized APT capabilities: history, motivations, and strategy (or lack thereof)

Hacking is not just for nation states anymore (or was it ever)? This talk will take a look at the corporate actors and cyber criminals that assist with / conduct APT operations, the broader geostrategic aims from their campaigns, and what having private cyber actors in nation state hacking means for geopolitics.