Sanaz Yashar

Senior Manager at Mandiant

Sanaz Yashar

Sanaz Yashar is a senior manager at Mandiant.  In this role, she assists EMEA government agencies and organizations in uncovering today’s most advanced threats, while also providing feedback on the various threats specifically targeting the Middle East.

Her holistic analysis provides organizations a strategic level of insight into the potential operational impact of advanced threats, while also providing hands-on hunting and remediation recommendations.

Prior to joining Mandiant, Sanaz was director of threat intelligence at an Israeli cybersecurity company.  She has over 15 years’ experience with the Israel Defense Forces, working within the elite 8200 unit, specializing in communications, intelligence, cryptography and a variety of novel cyber operations. She achieved the rank of “major” and was promoted as a Personal Excellency of Intelligence Director.

Her experience as an Intelligence officer, combined with her Middle Eastern background, allows Sanaz to provide a unique kind of threat analysis from the attacker’s point of view and mindset to give a focused, operative advice.

Sanaz was born in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to Israel, where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Tel Aviv University.

Talk: From MBR to Social - Iranian disruptive evolution

While global attention is focused on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Iranian actors continue to conduct cyber operations against EMEA and U.S.

Mandiant has observed significant changes in the modus operandi of the offensive operations conducted by Iranian actors. During this session, Mandiant strategic intelligence & government analyst Sanaz Yashar will unpack a decade worth of disruptive and destructive attacks observed from Iranian actors. Further, she will discuss how these important milestones have led to the current stage of evolution for Iranian actors, and what these insights tell us as far as upcoming trends.