Jamie Collier

Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor at Mandiant

Jamie Collier

Dr Jamie Collier is a Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor at Mandiant. He is also active within academia as an Associate Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). Before joining Mandiant, he was the Cyber Threat Intelligence Team Lead at Digital Shadows and completed a PhD in Cyber Security at the University of Oxford.

Jamie was previously based at MIT as a Cyber Security Fulbright Scholar and has experience working with the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence, Oxford Analytica, and PwC India.

Talk:  Operationally‐Informed Cyber Policy

Operational insight into cyber incidents (which is gained by those working in network defence, threat intelligence, and incident response) provides vital context for building effective cyber policy. Whether it is the emerging use of contractors in cyber conflict or the ongoing scourge of ransomware, the policy formulation process is clearly enhanced through engaging with those that have direct experience of cyber threats. Yet, incident response and commercial cyber threat intelligence (CTI) data is chronically underutilised within much of the cyber policy community.

At the heart of this situation sits a research conundrum: those interested in formulating cyber policy often lack data and robust empirics into the cyber threat landscape. Conversely, incident response and threat intelligence firms have limited incentives to engage with cyber policy issues. What should be complementary perspectives that are greater than the sum of their parts have instead become thought silos that rarely collaborate.

This talk will explore how operational perspectives might be applied to cyber policy formulation, barriers that currently constrain this, and suggestions for how collaboration could be improved.