Bernhard Schneider

Senior Intelligence Analyst at CrowdStrike

Bernhard Schneider

Bernhard Schneider is a Senior Intelligence Analyst at CrowdStrike, where he leads the Targeted eCrime mission in the Global Threat Analysis Cell. Bernhard has worked on countering digital threats, including online extremism, social media disinformation, and targeted cybercriminal actors. He holds a BA in Global Challenges from the Leiden University College and an MA in Intelligence & International Security from the Department of War Studies at King’s College London.

Talk: Decoding a Cyber Matryoshka

Since 2023, CrowdStrike Intelligence has been tracking a Russia-nexus actor notorious for their high volume campaigns against Ukraine. However, there’s much more to uncover in this cyber matryoshka. From highly targeted operations, to global cybercrime, to information operations under the guise of hacktivism, all traces lead to the same long-standing criminal collective with some unexpected likely motivations.

This presentation will take the audience through every step of the attribution process, including the actor’s historical campaigns, their online footprint, and a bit of cybercriminal hearsay. The presentation and follow-up discussion aim to touch on the pitfalls of attribution and inherent gaps of CTI research.