Amitai Ben Shushan Ehrlich

Leader Threat Intelligence Analysis (TIA) at Check Point Research

Amitai Ben Shushan Ehrlich

Amitai is a threat researcher with over a decade of experience in analyzing advanced threat actors and targeted attacks. Currently, he leads the Threat Intelligence Analysis (TIA) in Check Point Research, following diverse roles in the fields of Threat Research, Incident Response and Threat Hunting. His main focus is identifying, analyzing and tracking the activity of state-sponsored actors.  

Talk: Seek and Destroy: Tales of an Iranian Iconic Duo

For months, Check Point Research has been tracking the activities of Scarred Manticore in Israel. Following the rising tensions and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, a pattern emerged: organizations targeted by Scarred Manticore frequently suffered from destructive attacks. Further analysis of those incidents revealed another actor, Void Manticore, which employs the access gained by Scarred Manticore to execute swift and destructive wiping attacks.

This presentation will trace the history of these actors' intrusions, demonstrating how their collaboration has advanced into a systematic approach. This evolution is evident from their involvement in cyber attacks against the Albanian government's infrastructure to their more recent destructive activities in Israel amid the ongoing conflict. We will discuss the coordinated cyberoperations orchestrated by the Iranian MOIS, highlighting how we distinguish between the two groups by analyzing their tools and techniques.